Music To Quaff to: Belated Edition

Week two and we’re already late with your music.

Goodness, well, Bear and I haven’t had much time to discuss this, so let’s put up a video from Marah, who were amazing enough to grace us at the Prohibition party at Elk Creek Aleworks and Brewery this past weekend.  Once we get our video edited from the event and the brewer interview, you might see a bit more of the striped guitar and dexterous piano playing.


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  1. Hey, I used my google-fu to find you. I’ll do anything to track down some decent beer buddies. Do you any more adventures planned any time soon?

    • Keep an eye on our twitter, we often head to the Chameleon, Riverhouse, or other local breweries. If you’re who I think you are, try putting an ‘and’ between the 2 words in the email address I gave. I seem to remember wondering yesterday if I screwed up in giving it as I was driving. My bad. ;P

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