Resolutions – Let’s toast!

So this is possibly one of the more personal posts you’ll see on this blog, but it will circle back to beer, I promise!  I’ve had a seriously intense year, between personal crises, moving, changing jobs, and wrecking the Gexx-mobile in the middle of all of that.  I am so glad that I met amazing people on this journey, like Bear.

This year, I want to get my life to a point where I don’t feel as frenetic, powerless, and stressed like I spent this last year.  In my new (albeit temporary) home, I’ve gained quite a few friends, thanks to home-brewing.  It makes for an engaging introductory conversation topic, and other home-brewers love finding their own folk.  Also, as I’m trying to rebuild my career and it is stressing me the heck out, I don’t really like to talk about it, so “I brew my own beer” is an appropriate distraction and conversation topic change.  Also, home-brewing and exploring local breweries has evolved into a wonderful side project where I can build a new social media community and unwind from my other attempt at professional growth.

This leads up to that this next year, I want to strengthen these Good Things that I have started, and I want to develop my interests and skills.

1) A person once posted on Facebook (the modern salon) “A friend is someone who will always be there for you, no excuses, no lies, and no broken promises.”  I strive to be that kind of friend, and I only want to spend that time and effort on someone else who will do the same.  I’ve found myself a community full of those types of people, but I am tired of discovering that I still spend too much time on those who are not healthy to be around. This year I resolve to not exhaust myself on toxic people and to surround myself with awesome people.

2) Until we started this blog, the only writing I did this last year was extremely technical “Tab A into slot B” and “Subject A experienced X results” type stuff.  I notice that my casual prose writing here is far from polished and often quite painful in its plodding dryness and proclivity towards [please don’t faint] passive voice.  Some of the Music To Quaff By entries are horrendously awkward, but please bear with me.  This year I resolve to make my writing more lively and graceful through practice on this blog.

3) Among beer drinkers, I’ve found a most interesting large population of runners.  This has motivated me to get out and get back to running.  Bear and I have started to attend local Hashing runs, and we’ve met some interesting people.  This year, I resolve to run/walk/hike/bike/locamote a total of 500 miles.

4) I get stressed out by possessions.  I think of how they need upkeep, how will I find the time, what resources were used in making them, whether they’re sustainable, how am I going to move them, and who will get upset if I get rid of them.  One of the easiest ways to stress me out is to give me a gift that isn’t something I can eat/drink or mentioned that I needed/wanted, and even then I sometimes panic.  Since moving, I decided to experiment with only unpacking what I deemed were necessities and seeing how this effected my quality of life.  I’ve only unpacked a very select set of kitchen gear, clothes, about 20 books, stereo/cds, computer, and my musical instruments.  98% of my books, and innumerable other… things … have remained packed and I haven’t missed them.  This year, I resolve that the next time I move will be with a *small* Uhaul truck, and I will get rid of all the extraneous possessions that prevent that.

5) Two things that I didn’t bring with me and do miss are a couch and brewing equipment.  I didn’t have space for the couch and I couldn’t retrieve my brew-gear from the person who had it before I moved.  This year I resolve to try to reacquire both of those *things* … and still succeed at resolution #4.

6) Along with writing, I have one final ::ahem:: report to finish writing that I have been stressing over.  This thing needs to get done.  So I resolve that I’ll work a little on this report each day and get the danged thing done.

7) The traditional money one. I’ll spare you the details.

9) I have two all-grain recipes that I have been sitting on for the last year but haven’t been able to make.  One is a saison and the other is a clone.  I resolve to brew both of these beer recipes by the end of the year.

10) I resolve to continue to drink good beer!

So thanks to all of our readers for sticking with us, and we hope to continue to impress you with the next year!


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