Music to Quaff by: National Hangover Day Collaberative Edition

Happy New Year to those of our readers who use the same calender as me!  I hope that the first headache of the new year was WORTH IT!  Granted, some of you might be professionals like me and stumbled to your sleepspace at 3AM and woke at 8AM wishing that you packed your running shoes.  Really!!  I sometimes make myself sick.

We roasted a pig at a friend’s place, went through two kegs of Yuengling, discovered that Fresca and box wine is really not as bad as it sounds, and set off hundreds of dollars of fireworks.  We’re having a lovely afternoon on 1/1 of watching the Steelers win (yeah, we’re by Pittsburgh).  So now we’re sitting, watching rom-coms, drinking Victory Smokin’ Oats, and eating delivered sushi.  And I have no idea what to post, so I’m asking the crew for their music video suggestions.  Here’s what the great minds have put together.   And it’s legitimate because they have local flavah.

Pittsburgh State of Mind – Michael E. Moats and Addi Twigg

A Good Life – Joe Grushecky

(and because it was played last night a BUNCH OF TIMES)

Captain Jack Sparrow – Lonely Island


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